Introducing Trimble Forensics GNSS

Have you ever had to wait for crews, first-responder personnel to clear the scene so you can collect your data?

Do you find setting up a total station in a good location so you can capture all of the evidence bothersome?

Is moving about the scene, around obstacles and collecting data with a total station on a tripod inconvenient?

Do you wish there was a technology that would allow you to quickly and efficiently collect data so the roads could be reopened as fast as possible?

Now all these challenges have met their match:
Introducing Trimble® Forensics GNSS — the only solution with a lightweight pole-mounted GNSS receiver so you can capture, collect, and examine your data with ease. With a no-compromise software-hardware solution designed by reconstruction experts, support, and training, we’re on the job to support your mission. Learn more about GNSS Solutions.

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