Novapoint & Quadri

Release Notes

Novapoint Base

Import all files from a specific folder. This is especially interesting to combine with the re-import automation.

Automation of rerunning import tasks based on pre-scheduling, using Windows Task Scheduler. The process includes sharing it to server when done. Novapoint Base is running in silent mode during this process. Only new or changed files will be imported. This is a powerful new feature in combination with the new possibility of importing files from a spesific folder. Read the description and learn how to do it, ask for help from your IT colleagues if necessary.

We have added a new tool that automates the upgrade from Novapoint 20 to 21: Road, Railway and Utilities tasks may be selected and converted, including all the dependent alignment tasks. 

Novapoint Road - Rail - Utilities

We have improved how road signs in 3D can be modelled, now by adding support for portals, and a few more additions. You can also create user defined signs from closed polylines.

The new parameter controlled function for T, X and roundabouts introduced in Novapoint 21 is now also producing pavement layers with solid geometry. Pavement layer quantities can be retrieved from Quadri using Table view. 

The road and rail body calculations are now much faster than previous versions of Novapoint 21.

Novapoint Utilities is updated and several bugfixes are done, for more details read the release notes.

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Trimble Quadri

Join projects more efficiently

You can now join Quadri projects by getting a link to the project, and paste this into the dialogue directly.

Quadri Easy Access - publishing your terrain with WMS or Orthophoto

An even more improved 3D viewer with better navigation, tools, touch controls and support for billboard objects like trees. Now you can upload your own BIM models with the help of Trimble Connect. Several other features have been improved e.g. cutting the terrain according to your road model. Learn the latest functionalities. Before you start using orthophoto, we recommend that you read this checklist

When handling very large models be sure to use the Googe Chrome web browser 64-bit version. If using the 32-bit version memory usage might reach capacity.