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As a utility engineer, you work with a complex network of pipes, manholes and other installations to support a safe supply of water, transport of wastewater and secure our community against climate change. To be able to handle todays and tomorrow's challenges one needs to construct a sustainable system for generations to come.

Novapoint Water and Sewer helps you reach this goal. Design complex underground infrastructure in big urban projects to small less complicated rural areas. Collaborate easily with other designers and find common solutions to build a sustainable system.

Join this live webinar and learn more about how easy you can utilize the state of the art design software that you have never witnessed before!

We will go through the following topics:

  • Set up a model
  • Configure new pipes and manholes
  • Design Water and Sewer
  • Create detailed plan and longitudinal drawings
  • Create manhole sketch in a few clicks
  • Visualize in 3D
Date: 2020-09-17
Time:  45 min

Martin Stensland

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